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hey i know you were looking for how many tickets are left for the concert and i went and stub hub and found this i hope this some what helps i think the count was like 96 tickets left 

iL0veseamus response: that’s just what’s being resold by ppl who bought tickets not what the actual count is..


April 15 - Edmonton, AB

April 17 - Vancouver, BC


April  21 - Washington DC —- WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG ROLL event

May 3 - Valdosta, GA

May 9 - Chula Vista, CA

May 23rd in Norfolk, VA
May 24th in Richmond, VA

May 25th in Jackson, NJ 

May 27th in Nashville, TN 

May 28th in Columbus, OH

May 29th in Pittsburgh, PA 

May 30th in Philadelphia, PA 

May 31 - Mansfield, MA

June 1 - Wantagh, NY

June 4 - Cleveland, OH 

June 6 - York, PA

June 7 - Saratoga Springs, NY

June 10 - New York City, NY

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